No, I didn't just mistype the word radio by forgetting the R, nor was I saying goodbye in Spanish and just forgot the S. ADIO is a chiropractic acronym that stands for Above Down Inside Out. In other words, the way that our bodies actually heal. 

Our brains (nervous system) tell the rest of our bodies what needs to be done to heal. The inside out references what we put into our bodies. The foods and things we eat help to give our bodies the building blocks they need so they are capable of actually doing their job.

In Current Events

So often in America right now, people are looking for things from the outside world that will help them with their ailments. We look for quick fixes to everything. We look for a pill to help us lose weight, a skin cream to make our skin healthier, or a medication to regulate our blood pressure.

In my professional opinion, this is just a terrible way to approach the situation. Why? Because we regulate our blood pressure artificially, or any of the other examples, we aren’t actually correcting the problem. We are masking the problem. This leads to continuing to decline in health without noticing the effects of it. 


When I write this, I imagine some will think that it is weird that I would recommend herbs while casting stones at taking medicine and other products. Where these two differ is that the herbs are still nutrient based and have phytonutrients in them that just help our bodies to do what they are supposed to do. While the pharmacological approach is usually inhibiting or stimulating our bodies mechanisms. They alter our bodies' natural processes, rather than supporting it. 

Even if we try to consume a healthy nutritional diet, the foods in our grocery stores are so void of nutrients that it makes it almost impossible to do so. That is why I look to find help from products that are natural, but also have scientific literature that proves that they are beneficial.

Try This Instead

Start first with removing seed oils from your diet. Why? From 1909 to 2009, the consumption of soybean oil has increased by 1000 fold. It has increased to the point that it is now 8% of the calories consumed in America. That is hard to believe until you drive around the Midwest and all you see is corn and soybean crops everywhere.

What is the harm in this? It causes systemic inflammation by throwing off our Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio (more on this later). We want that ratio to be at about 3.5 to 1 (Omega 6 to Omega 3). We test this often on people and frequently they come back at about 20 to 1. These ratios are leading to issues like high blood pressure, cardiac disease, diabetes, and more. 

This is so important for everyone’s health that we actually offer a blood test for objective measurement to help you see where your Omega ratios are at. We even do it at our price ($40 + tax). 

In Closing

I am not saying that medicine is never necessary, nor am I saying that all skin creams are bad. What I am saying is that we must first look to fix the dysfunction. That happens from Above Down and Inside Out. Focus on putting the right foods in, exercises regularly, keep stress manageable, and obviously, get adjusted. 


In Health,

Dr. Coty