Kick Off!

Our Mission

Adjusted Life’s mission, from the beginning, has been to have a generational impact on the way that our community views health. Currently, society is living in a SICK-care model, not a model of health. We only go to the doctor when we are not where we are supposed to be (feeling sick, in pain, etc.).

In office, we have people approach us asking for quick tips on nutrition, fitness advice, and general thoughts on wellness. We had been searching for another way to better reach our community when a friend had the idea of starting this.

Kick Off!

Every Wednesday, God allowing, we will do our best to give you pieces of information that can help to enrich your lives, as well as those in your close circles. We are hoping to give you tips that can makes small changes in your life. However, when small changes compound, they can turn into life altering changes.

Simply Put

The formula for good health is pretty simple. However, it can be tough finding a place to start. So let us do the leg work for you and help you get started towards a life of health.

The basic formula looks like this:

  • Eat clean
  • Move often
  • Sleep (enough)
  • Have fun
  • Find an exercise routine that suits you

In Closing

I hope you look forward to these tips and tricks to make this journey easier. If by some chance you got on the mailing list by accident, either unsubscribe below or let us know in office and we will make sure to keep bothering you (I kid).


-Dr. Coty