Pregnancy and Chiropractic

What?! Can pregnant women get adjusted?! Won’t that hurt the baby?!

These are some pretty common reactions that we often hear when we talk to people about a pregnant woman receiving chiropractic care. The truth is, women benefit greatly from chiropractic care during pregnancy. Research shows that Webster Technique relieves back pain in pregnancy and decreases labor time by 31%! 

What to expect from chiropractic care during pregnancy

In our office we utilize a very gentle technique called Webster. This technique was specifically created for pregnant mothers. I’ll cover more in detail what the technique looks like, but I wanted to stress the gentle aspect. 

Often, mothers are worried about seeking chiropractic care because they see these horror videos of chiropractors on YouTube. Webster technique is so gentle that there is no need for any “cracking” at all. It can be done completely using just a very scientific and specific adjusting instrument.

What is the Webster technique

The Webster technique is a gentle chiropractic adjustment that focuses on aligning the pelvis, while also focusing on releasing the tension of the soft tissue with associated muscle groups. This is important because as your baby begins to grow, the pelvis has to make room for your baby. Aligning the pelvis and reducing the tension in the soft tissue helps to prevent uterine torsion and allows for your baby to continue to grow, move, and position themselves properly for birth. 

This technique has proven effective in providing relief for more common lower back and sciatic pains that so many pregnant women experience during pregnancy.

What to expect from a prenatal chiropractor

As mentioned above, we utilize Webster technique. What does this specialized treatment look like? First, Doctor Coty analyzes your pelvis looking for any restrictions in the normal movement. Then he will correct any fixations by applying firm, but gentle pressure on ligaments, as well as a Webster adjustment. Following this, Doctor Coty looks for and addresses any tension in the surrounding muscles to help ensure your pelvis is capable of growing along with your baby.

Next, Doctor Coty will address any tension in your round ligament. This is a ligament that helps anchor your uterus and as your baby grows and expands, you can feel a sharp pain if this ligament is too tight.  

Lastly, he will address any tension or tightness in your hip flexors that could be causing discomfort or causing pelvic or uterine torsion.

When to start prenatal chiropractic care

This is a great question that we get all the time. The truth is, if you are starting to experience pain or discomfort during your pregnancy, then you are already behind schedule. The best time to start is before there is any pregnancy related discomfort. 

I usually recommend to mothers that a great time to start is right before you start to “show.” Most of the time this happens around the 20th week of pregnancy. Starting here ensures that you are able to appropriately grow with your baby as well as help to keep any associated pregnancy symptoms to a minimum.

In conclusion

While we understand being nervous about something new, prenatal chiropractic is safe and gentle! I’m hoping that this quick read can help to reduce some of that anxiousness and help you to find the care that you deserve.