Last week, we touched on toxins and how they interfere with our ability to be healthy. Today, we are going to talk about our thoughts and how they interfere with our health. When I mention thoughts, I need the idea of positive thoughts, negative thoughts, and stressors to come to mind. 

The Negative

The American Psychological Association says that 77% of Americans have physical manifestations of their stress. These can be super subtle, like tension in our shoulders and neck leading to a tension migraine. Or maybe tightness in the jaw from clenching our jaws. However, it can lead to much more serious issues. 

For instance, stress causes a release of the hormone cortisol. In small amounts, cortisol is not terrible for us. It is actually healthy and part of our bodies natural ability to deal with stress. Chronic cortisol dumps can cause a number of issues. One example is chronic cortisol dumps can cause our immune system to become depressed, allowing us to be more susceptible to other diseases. One of the most infamous of these would be the shingles virus.

The Positive

Ok. So don’t be negative. Got it. Well, what about the flip side of the coin? 

I frequently show people (in health talks) how they can cause their mouth to water by using their imagination to “bite” into the most sour lemon they can imagine. Well, having positive thoughts about ourselves and our health can lead to amazing upside potential; much more upside than just a watering mouth.

For instance, studies are frequently done to research the effects of placebo as treatment. One of my favorite pieces of research involves the comparison between having knee surgery done and not. However, to ensure that the study was accurate, some of the participants underwent the actual corrective surgery, while the other group were cut open and then sutured. They went through the same postoperative therapy. 

The outcome? Well, it showed that the surgery group gained no better results by having the actual corrective surgery than not having it. The belief of having the corrective surgery that the placebo group received helped them to have the same outcome as having the surgery. This is incredible and was an enormous upset for some.

In Short

If we turn our thoughts to positive outcomes, our results will inevitably be better. Ask my team what I say about my health and they will almost certainly say, “He says that he can’t get sick.” Is that true? Absolutely not. I absolutely could get sick (I’m not though xD). 

However, we have also met that person who is just an energy suck on the entire room, is always a Debbie Downer, and seems to always have chronic illness or sickness lingering about them. If we think we are always going to be sick, then we will be. If we think of ourselves as healthy and happy, that will be our outcome.


To stay on top of it, try adding simple affirmations to your day to help you stay positive. Below are a couple I say to myself every single day. Try them out or create your own. 

  1. I live a happy and healthy life and am always appreciative of the blessings that God has given me.
  2. I always expect the best and I always get what I expect.

In Closing

Stay positive. I can’t say much more than that.

If you are a Practice Member, then you know that I stress not talking about pain because that is focusing on pain (the negative). Instead, I encourage our Practice Members to focus on the good things happening in their lives, knowing this will help them to improve much faster.

If you are interested in more placebo studies, then leave your comments below, tell our team in office, or email us to let us know.

Stay healthy. In Mind and body.

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