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Does a child you know experience any of the following: speech delays, ADHD, reading and writing, attention span deficits , outbursts, bed wetting, car sickness, and more. 

We may be able to help! Sign up for a FREE neurological check below!

Here at Adjusted Life, the health of our pediatric patients is of highest importance. That is why we do primitive reflex screenings for our community most Saturdays!

Primitive reflexes are neurological pathways that we are born with that help us to develop more efficient pathways as we develop. We are all born with these reflexes, however, we don’t all suppress them when we are designed to. This can lead to a myriad of problems. This isn’t something that only children have issues with, we see it in approximately 10-20% of our adult patients as well!

Our patients have seen amazing improvement in their neurological delays just by us helping correct these reflexes!

The best of all, these screenings are free for our community! We want to see your child functioning at their full potential. RSVP below!

Neurological Evaluation

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