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Meet the Team

Dr. Coty Spraggs, Chiropractor

Dr. Coty Spraggs


After a motorcycle wreck that broke his back, Dr. Coty was having back issues for most of his adult life. Right before he turned to back surgery his wife convinced him that he should see a Chiropractor to get his pain under control. Shortly after he had improved function and was able to move pain-free. After that, he decided to have a career change and go to school to be a Chiropractor so he could help others optimize their lives.

When not in the office, Dr. Coty enjoys spending time with his family, watching his three young children play on their farm, and a good espresso (or four). As a member of the Christian Chiropractic Association, he devotes time each year to go on a mission trip to bring Chiropractic care to those who cannot afford healthcare.

Carolyn Spraggs

Chiropractic Assistant & Patient Intake Specialist

Chiropractic has been a way of life for Carolyn since she was born. As a daughter of a Chiropractor, she grew up understanding the importance of keeping the spine aligned. She is passionate about sharing Chiropractic and making sure every patient at Adjusted Life Chiropractic has specific, tailored and exceptional care.

As a mother to three young children, she knows how tough on the body pregnancy and motherhood can be. She enjoys sharing the most up to date research with mothers and future mothers on how best to care for themselves and their children.

When not at the office she enjoys time with Coty, their kids, and the animals on the farm.

Claire Bear

Chiropractic Assistant

Claire treats every patient who comes her way with patience and compassion. She plays an important role in our busy Chiropractic Clinic and is one of our most popular staff members. She excels at connecting with children and making sure all our patients have exceptional care.

When not at work she loves riding 4 wheelers, taking care of animals and drinking coffee.


Chiropractic Assistant

Prior to coming to work at Adjusted Life Chiropractic, Magdalene did not know much about chiropractic work or the health benefits regular adjustments could have. Like many others, she believed that chiropractic care was mainly for those who were experiencing pain and wanted relief from it. Through working at ALC, she learned that there are a multitude of health benefits that come with regular spinal adjustments and she has been able to see a variety of amazing positive health changes in our practice members. Another awesome treatment that Dr. Coty offers here at ALC is the testing and treating of primitive reflexes through functional neurology. While his focus is typically with children/adolescents, he will test and treat patients of all ages in this area. Magdalene was one of the adult patients he has treated and benefits from the treatment to this day. When she began working at ALC, Dr. Coty tested her primitive reflexes and discovered that her Moro, or startle, reflex was not suppressed which can cause a slew of health complications that she was unaware of solutions for, or had written off. Thankfully, through her work here, she has been able to suppress that reflex which has helped her focus, anxiety, and other issues she was experiencing.

When she’s not at the office helping our wonderful practice members, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, having good food and even better conversation, attending and volunteering at her church, and nearly anything outdoor activity related!